Friendly Couple

Hi! We are Madi and Cipri, a friendly couple and happy people. We live in Romania in Brasov – a beautiful town full of history, with our two crazy cockatiels and two lovebirds. We love dogs, parrots, good music and to chat and laugh at a cup of coffee till the closing time.

In our spare time we watch movies or different series, go on vacations, spend more time with friends and family and play board games. We totally lose track of time playing Catan.

friendly couple

We capture Every Moment…

We shoot weddings together because 4 eyes are better than 2, because we are the same but different (different perspectives, angles and styles. It’s a crazy thing and we laugh out loud about it, that sometimes, after a photoshoot, we find out that we have some identical photos.

We are a super team, we think the same but there are few time when we fight. It’s a comic thing watch us arguing because we both say the same story but with different words.

We strongly believe that we found each other because every half has it’s own half and the Universe made this happen.

The thing that makes us complete is the opportunity to tell people’s stories through images.

We capture Real Moments …

We’ve been photographing people for over a decade and it never gets old.

Madi laughs a lot and she likes to fool around,

to dance -she’s the party soul-

and she has to pet every dog she sees.

friendly couple
friendly couple

Cipri loves music, gadgets,

to chat and joke at a glass of brandy and

make new friends.

We are a friendly couple and happy people and if you are too, let’s chat about your fabulous day.
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Our work

We collect emotions, smiles, laughter, hugs, goosebumps, tears of joy, butterflies in the stomach and we gather them in an album for you to always keep those moments alive.