How we do it …

Our style is photojournalism. Our photography is about capturing the wedding moments as it happens, not so many fabricated images. Your wedding will be photographed with very little intrusion. We love to capture people being themselves.

We’ve always liked capturing true and honest wedding moments. Our mission is to keep you on track by remembering you that this is “once in a lifetime” day  -God help us!- and you need to relax and enjoy every single moment of it. We won’t force you do anything you don’t want to.

Our goal is that, when you’ll be at home drinking a cup of coffe or relaxing in your favorite armchair looking at the pictures, to discover that big day from another perspective and see what have happend when emotions have taken control over you.

wedding moments
wedding moments

Wedding moments


We want you to be as happy as possible with your pictures. For this to happen, we try to educate you in the early stages on what is our approach, what you can expect from us and how can you help us to do our best.

For us, the chemistry between us comes first and the fun second.

Wedding photography is about capturing moments of true affection, moments that last.


We document the big wedding moments, the small wedding moments and everything in-between. We make sure you’ll have family and friends pictures, too.

We say that we are very lucky persons, because we have front row tickets into other people’s lives, photographing their stories and moments.

We shoot all the events together, so no missed important moments.

wedding moments
We are a super friendly and happy couple and if you are too, let’s chat about your fabulous day.
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Our work

We collect emotions, smiles, laughter, hugs, goosebumps, tears of joy, butterflies in the stomach and we gather them in an album for you to always keep those moments alive.