Adriana & Claudiu

„We’ve been looking a lot for a wedding photographer for our special day because we wanted to see pictures that capture unique moments, real smiles, tears of happiness and not some pictures of people arranged by someone to look good on paper. We found not one but two wedding photographers: Madi & Cipri or „Foto y Café„. Besides the fact that it was love at first sight at a coffee, I would describe them as two young people passionate about photography and „always ready to go the extra mile” for you to forget about the thrill and the emotions that come with the event. With them you will feel at ease immediately. The result for us was in line with expectations… beautiful people, wonderful pictures, many beautiful memories and… a huge surprise that always reminds us of them (surprise is surprise and it is not said). ”

Olimpia & Adrian

„We saw Mada and Cipri in „action” as wedding photographers, at a friend’s wedding. We liked them from the beginning. From that wedding we asked for a business card and in a week we met to discuss with them what we want. We discovered some people (and I say people, because that’s how they are in the true sense of the word) very warm and very open. Their offer of services is very varied, depending on the budget and wishes of each one. We had three photo sessions (engagement, wedding and love the dress). We can say that the first session was very useful because we could get to know each other better and on the wedding day we were not stressed at all by the photographers. Our experience with Foto y Café was a wonderful one: we found two dedicated people, with ideas, who bring a lot of good mood and who somehow manage to make you feel „you”, and who also transmit this through their pictures. The final product (photo albums, CDs) is of very good quality and that’s because they put a lot of emphasis on communication and collaboration. They are two professionals, but on top of that, they are also very human, and we really think that makes the difference.” 

Paula & Ovidiu

„Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. The pictures are extraordinary and you are exceptional people and perfect professionals. We are very happy to met you and we had the inspiration to choose you to take our wedding photos as well as the trash the dress. We want you to enjoy a lot of success in what you do. In order for you to remind with pleasure the special moments of your life, we warmly recommend you as wedding photographers – Foto y Cafe – Madi and Cipri. ”


„I like the pictures… I can’t even explain how much. I love that they convey exactly the emotion from the moment they were made. I lived the wedding step by step again.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the memories that speak.
PS: The album is great. It was not a person who did not praise the vision of the photographers. „

Vanessa & Alex

We are, Vanessa and Alex, two young people in love, now married. We were looking for a team of professionals to help us capture our whole story in a unique and emotional album. Guess what, it’s easy, we found this truly professional team, Foto y Café, which were very important to us on our special day. They are wonderful, warm people, and if you want your story to be outlined then be sure you make the best choice by choosing them. 💯

Loredana & Ionut 

„Thank you Foto y Cafe for being with us. We recommend you with confidence every time we have the opportunity because you have been open with us, you have taken into account our preferences and you have helped us with advice based on your experience. The end result was unforgettable. Good luck!” – 

D & O

„We really liked the pictures. Thanks a lot! We are never tired of them… and the album is a delight. We recommend Madi and Cipri – Foto y Cafe as wedding photographers.”

„I highly recommend Foto y Cafe! I had a wonderful experience! They will really help you have the most beautiful memories! In addition to meeting the most professional photographers, I also made some dear friends! Kisses dear ones! I will recommend you, with pleasure, to everyone whenever I have the opportunity!”
E & R

„Thank you very much for the photos. They are the most beautiful. ”

M & A

„Thank you very much for the photos. They are wonderful! We kiss you!” 

D & O

„We really liked the pictures. Thanks a lot! We are never tired of them… and the album is a delight. We recommend Mada and Cipri – Foto y Cafe as wedding photographers.”

Wedding photographers

Our style as wedding photographers is photojournalism. Our photography is about capturing the moments as it happens, not so many fabricated images. Your wedding will be photographed with very little intrusion. We love to capture people being themselves.

We’ve always liked capturing true and honest moments. Our mission is to keep you on track by remembering you that this is “once in a lifetime” day  -God help us!- and you need to relax and enjoy every single moment of it. We won’t force you do anything you don’t want to.

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